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Find out all the information and services provided by the 511 NY phone system and Web site by choosing an information category below. Select this toggleicon to display the answer to a question.

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511 NY System Information and Scope

toggle What information will I find in the 511 NY system?
toggle What is the extent of information in the 511 NY system?
toggle Where does the information originate?
toggle How current is the information?
toggle How does 511 NY differ from the travel information on the radio and television?
toggle The route I will be using passes through New York and another state. Is there a way I can get information easily on both?
toggle How will 511 differ from 911 and 311 phone services?
toggle What are incidents?
toggle Can there be delays without an incident?
toggle What if I want to know about an alternate route to avoid an incident reported on 511 NY? How can I get this information from 511 NY?
toggle Why aren’t there cameras, message signs and speed information available on all roadways?
toggle Why are electronic message signs blank most of the time?
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Alerts and Electronic Notifications

toggle What are the scrolling alerts on the 511 NY Web site?
toggle How do scrolling alerts differ from TransAlerts and closures?
toggle If I select My Customized Alerts, what information can I customize?
toggle If I do not choose to select My Customized Alerts, what information is displayed?
toggle Is there a way I can get notified when an alert occurs?
toggle What is Amber Alert?
toggle What are the laws in New York State about accessing text messages while driving?
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Mobile Services

toggle Is there a 511NY mobile web service?
toggle Is there a 511NY mobile app?
toggle Is there a fee to access this information?
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toggle What is My511NY?
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Phone System Access

toggle When can I call the 511 NY system?
toggle How much does it cost to make a 511 NY call?
toggle Will I be able to call 511 NY anywhere in the state?
toggle How does the phone system know the location from which I am calling?
toggle What languages does the 511 NY system use?
toggle Will my call be dropped if it can not be transferred to another system?
toggle Can I use my Internet phone (Voice Over IP/VoIP) to call 511 NY?
toggle Can I call the 511 NY service using a cell phone while I’m driving?
toggle Does 511 NY have an 800 number option?
toggle What if the system is busy when I call?
toggle Why can’t I reach 511 NY?
toggle How can I reach New York’s 511 service from outside the state?
toggle How can I connect to other 511 telephone services?
toggle What do I do when the system do not understand what I am saying?
toggle How do I use the phone system if I am hearing-impaired?
toggle How do I use the phone system if I am speech-impaired?
toggle How accessible is the 511 NY Web site if I am vision-impaired?
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Phone Tips

toggle Can I speak to an operator to get information?
toggle How do I get help?
toggle How can I navigate through the system to get the information I need more quickly?
toggle How can I stop receiving calls from 511?
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Public Transportation Information

toggle What kinds of information can I get about public transportation in New York from the 511 NY phone system and Web site?
toggle How does the 511 NY Transit Trip Planner differ from others?
toggle I’m not sure of exact street addresses. Can I still use the Transit Trip Planner?
toggle What information will the Trip Planner give me?
toggle I’m unfamiliar with the area. Will the Transit Trip Planner show me where the closest stop is and tell me how to get there?
toggle How are park-and-ride lot locations used by the Transit Trip Planner?
toggle Which public transportation agencies are included in 511 NY?
toggle Which paratransit agencies are included in 511 NY?
toggle What if I don't know which paratransit agency I need?
toggle How do I prevent being transferred to an agency that I don’t want?
toggle What do I do when I need public transportation information after hours?
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toggle What is the 511NY Rideshare Program?
toggle What is the 511NY Rideshare System?
toggle How do I register for the ridematching system?
toggle How does the system work to match me with a ride?
toggle How do I use the map feature?
toggle How do I customize my route?
toggle What is a Commute/Travel Calendar?
toggle What is a bike buddy?
toggle What are some tips for ridesharing etiquette?
toggle Does it cost anything to use 511NY Rideshare System?
toggle Will my personal information be secure?
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toggle Who do I call to report an incident on a highway?
toggle How can you make the 511 NY system better?
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Technical Requirements

toggle Can I use 511 NY from any computer?
toggle What types of other electronic devices are supported?
toggle What Web browsers work with 511 NY?
toggle What are cookies and why are they used by 511 NY?
toggle I'm a dial-up user. Can I still use the 511 NY traffic and transit condition maps?
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Web Tips

toggle What information is shown on the Traffic and Transit Conditions Map?



Information Shown



Weather Forecast Icon

Alerts Icon

Click on the weather icon to get the National Weather Service forecast for the next seven days. This will display for 13 different forecast zones around New York State.

Click on the alert icon to see the latest weather alert issued by the NWS (if an alert is in effect) and time the alert was issued or updated.


Incidents Icon

Transit Incident Icon

An incident describes something that disrupts traffic or transit flow, traffic, such as an accident, vehicle breakdown or road debris.
Move your mouse over the icon to display the location of an incident.
Click on the icon for detailed information including the time of the last update.

Special Events

Special Events Icon

Special Events are planned activities such as concerts, bicycle races, festivals, fairs, etc. that impact traffic. Advisory messages present the name of the event, date, time, location and traffic impacts.

Major Crossings 

Major Crossings

Mouse-over an icon to see the name of the bridge or tunnel.
Click on an icon to show the current river crossing times by direction of travel.


Construction Icon

Transit Construction Icon

Icons show active traffic and transit construction projects. Mouse-over an icon for information on project location.
Click on it to learn more about traffic impacts, timing and duration.


Camera Icon

View pictures of current traffic conditions from the location chosen.
Mouse-over a camera icon for a description of the camera’s location.
Click on it to display the camera image, location, operating agency logo and camera direction.


Speeds Icon

Select Speeds to see the average speed of traffic at roadside traffic detectors locations.
Colored dots show detector locations and speed range of traffic.
Mouse-over a dot to get information on location, traffic level, average traffic speed and time of the last update.

Message Signs

Message Signs Icon

View text from Message Signs

Mouse-over a message sign to get its location, message content, and time of the last update.

General Info

General Info Icon

View general information that may impact traffic (i.e. a political demonstration)

Rest Area Info

Rest Area Icon

View information on rest areas and travel plazas across the state.  Get information on location, hours of operation and facilities.

Truck Restrictions

Truck Restrictions Icon

View information on truck height and load limits for various roadways.


toggle How do I change the area shown on the Traffic Conditions map?

The map starts out with a view of the whole state. Use the Zoom To feature to jump to a metro area chosen from the drop down list (Zoom To is located immediately above the map). Otherwise, use Google's map navigation buttons:
map navigation
To Change Location:
Arrows - Click the appropriate arrow buttons to move the view north, south, east or west. Click  Center button to return to your original view.
Mouse - Depress the left mouse button and drag the map to pan to a new area.

To Change Zoom Level:
Zoom In - Click Zoom In to zoom in on the center of the map.
Zoom Out - Click Zomm Out to zoom out.
Zoom Slider - Drag the zoom slider up or down to zoom in or out incrementally.


toggle What does “Save My Map View “do?

Select this option to have 511 NY remember your current; map view; (geographic area and zoom level) for your next visit. This will save you map navigation time if you typically look at the same area when you visit 511 NY. 'Save My Map View' remembers your map view by storing a 'cookie' on your computer for the 511 NY Web site -- a small amount of data retrieved by our Web server to show your personalized map view.

toggle How long does it take for an accident icon to appear on the map?

After an accident has been entered into the system, it is immediately available to the public.

toggle Why doesn’t an accident I saw appear on the map?

All major accidents and other events reported to us that occur on the state highway system will be included in the 511 NY system; however, there may be some delay getting accurate information from transportation employees or other first responders at the incident scene. Accidents that may not cause major disruption may not be included, particularly if they occur on local roads.

toggle The information on a 511 NY Web page I viewed looks dated. Why?

To see the latest information on the 511 NY Web site, make sure your Web browser is set to refresh pages automatically so it checks for newer versions of stored Web pages. Otherwise, the version of a page stored on your hard drive from your last visit will be loaded. Also, during a session select Refresh or Reload from your browser's menu or press the appropriate toolbar icon.

toggle How do I make icons display faster?

To improve performance, select only the information categories you really want. The more legend items you select, the longer it will take to display icons on the map.

You also can speed up the rate of information delivery by sticking with the Google Map view (instead of Satellite or Hybrid). This is particularly true if you are going to pan the map (move location).


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Winter Road Conditions

toggle Where can I find information about winter road conditions?
toggle What information is available?
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