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Commute Options

Guaranteed Ride Vanpool  Commute Options Telework Ridematch 

No matter where your employees live, there likely are travel options.

Carpooling: Sharing a ride with one or more commuters or travelers. 511NY Rideshare’s Ridematch service can help your employees find rides with other commuters or travelers who have similar home and work destinations.

Vanpooling: Sharing a ride in a 7- or 15-person van. 511NY Rideshare can help your company organize vanpools for your employees. See Help Forming Vanpools for more information.

Transit: Sharing a ride on a train, subway, bus or ferry. 511NY Rideshare provides information on transit services across New York and offers individualized assistance to find the most convenient and cost-effective transit routes for commuters. See Transit for more information.

Bicycling & Walking: Commuting to work by bicycle or walking. 511NY Rideshare is home to many resources, including trail maps, and services, such as buddy matching, to help your employees bicycle or walk to work.

Telework: Working from home or an alternate work site. 511NY Rideshare can help employers initiate telework programs. See Telework for more information.

Strategies for a Commuter-Friendly Workplace

Having the right corporate policies and employee incentives in place can encourage your employees to make mobility choices that benefit themselves, their community and the environment. 511NY Rideshare can assess your policies and give guidance for a commuter-friendly workplace.


Below are some examples of commuter-friendly policies that encourage employees to avoid commuting alone:

  • An emergency ride program, such as 511NY Rideshare’s Guaranteed Ride Program, that provides a free ride to drivers and passengers in the event of an accident, illness or family emergency (limitations apply).
  • A preferred parking program that reserves prime parking spaces or offers reduced parking fees for vanpools and carpools.
  • Flexible work hours so employees can modify their schedules to accommodate vanpool or carpool meeting times and bus/train schedules.
  • A policy that discourages late-day meetings whenever possible so employees can catch their carpool, vanpool or shuttle on time.
  • An employee transportation allowance to cover parking costs or transit or vanpool fares.

Guaranteed Ride Program

The top concern cited by employees who are reluctant to rideshare is what to do when sickness, an emergency or an unexpected situation arises at home, school or elsewhere and no vehicle is available.

511NY Rideshare’s Guaranteed Ride Program is like an insurance policy for your employees. If a ridesharing employee misses his or her carpool or vanpool due to an emergency, we’ll pay for the ride to a destination by public transit or taxi. (Limitations apply.) To learn more about Guaranteed Ride Program and how to enroll, email us  or call 511 and say “Rideshare.”

Emergency Preparedness Planning

Is your company prepared for a crisis? What would you do if major roadways or the transit system were disrupted because of a natural disaster, power outage or other catastrophic event? 511NY Rideshare can help your company develop a transportation contingency plan to ensure employee safety and business continuity if a disaster strikes.

For more information, email  or call 511 and say “Rideshare.”

Financial Incentives

Establishing a commuter benefits program makes good financial sense for your company. From tax breaks to 511NY Rideshare-sponsored grants, businesses offering these benefits can take advantage of numerous financial incentives. For example, you can reduce corporate and payroll taxes, provide valuable tax benefits to employees, qualify for substantial transit grants, make work site improvements that help commuters and reduce the cost of parking facilities. Explore the financial incentives available.

Pretax Benefits

Whether you subsidize your employees’ commuting costs or simply allow them to pay for transportation expenses with pretax income, you’ll both receive substantial value and savings by providing pretax transit benefits.

Parking Management

At many work locations, especially in urban areas, parking is scarce, costly or both. Parking management programs can offer valuable tax benefits for employees and reduce costs to your company.

Grant Information

New York City Commute Enhancement (NYCCE) Grant

The NYCCE grant is available to organizations in New York City to help fund work site transportation-related projects designed to help reduce congestion and improve air quality. These grants are worth up to $10,000 depending on the number of employees and may be used for many projects, including shuttle buses, bicycle parking, carpool-only parking spaces and signage and similar projects. For more information email  or call 511 and say “Rideshare.”

Long Island Region Improving Commuting (LIRIC) Grant

The LIRIC grant program is a public service to help Long Island employers implement programs that reduce traffic congestion and pollution during peak commute times. LIRIC grants can be used to promote alternatives to driving alone, including carpooling, vanpooling, teleworking, public transit and bicycling.

Eligible grantees include public and private employers as well as owners and operators of major trip generators (shopping malls, office parks, etc.) with at least 30 employees at a single work site. 

When an employer inquiry for a grant is received, 511NY Rideshare will administer a site survey of employees to analyze their commuting habits and assess which commuting alternatives would be the most successful. An employee response rate of at least 50 percent is required to proceed with the grant application process.

Eligible projects include:

  • Carpool incentive programs
  • Vanpool incentive programs
  • Parking management
  • Transit incentive programs
  • Telework programs (Capital acquisition of computers is not eligible)
  • Bike-to-work programs
  • Programs that bridge gaps in existing transit service, such as operation of new shuttle bus services between work sites and Park & Ride lots or railroad stations. Capital acquisition of buses is not eligible.

LIRIC grantees are strongly encouraged to develop innovative and comprehensive workplace commuter programs that may involve a number of actions that, if implemented, would offer the greatest potential to reduce the number of single-occupant vehicle drivers traveling on nearby and surrounding highways where traffic congestion is highest during peak periods.

Once the survey data and employer input for the new program(s) have been integrated, 511NY Rideshare will write the LIRIC grant proposal. Upon the applicant’s final approval, the proposal will be sent to the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) for consideration.

Grants are limited to $100,000 in total, or $1,500 per participating employee, whichever is less. Funding availability is limited to a one-year time period.

For more information on how your company can benefit from the LIRIC grant, email  or call 511 and say “Rideshare.”

Recruiting and Retaining Employees

All businesses want to attract and retain the best employees. Offering commuter benefits as part of your overall benefits package sets your company apart, demonstrating your corporate commitment to your employees’ quality of life and to your community’s air quality. Commuter benefits also reduce the taxes your employees (and company) have to pay. By helping your employees get to and from work with less stress and expense, you increase productivity, foster loyalty and save money.

511NY Rideshare’s programs and services can support and enhance your employee recruiting and retention efforts. They provide meaningful benefits that are important to today’s workforce.


Our ridematching service focuses on matching drivers and riders. Using our growing database of thousands of travelers, we can help match you with people who have similar starting and destination locations and who have similar travel schedules.

511NY Rideshare matches travelers for potential carpools, vanpools, bike buddies and transit options.

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